Project and orders

Project management

Key functions

  • Creation of projects
  • Assigning customer data
  • Attaching project documentation
  • Creation of bookable activities
  • Roles and rights for project management
  • Access rights per employee
  • Definition of own fields


  • Project managers need a TimePunch Management license.

TimePunch time tracking has an integrated project management system. Each time booking is made for a project and, if applicable, for an activity. Projects and activities are created centrally and can then be booked by authorized employees.

Each project can be assigned a project manager and, if necessary, assistants who can manage and evaluate the projects. In TimePunch, the role "Project Management" exists for this purpose.

As usual in project management, projects have a traffic light status. This can be green - for unproblematic, yellow - for tense or red - for critical. The traffic light status is either calculated from the already used hours of the hour quota or is set manually by the project management.

Project evaluation -and reports

Key functions

  • Hour quota per project and employee
  • Project reports for the evaluation of project hours
  • Project status with target/actual comparison
  • Project lists for quick overview


  • Project managers need a TimePunch Management license.

A project budget can be created for each project, to which all assigned team members can book. In addition, a separate hourly quota can be defined for each employee, which is then only available to this employee.

Extensive project reports are available for evaluation, with which the project hours can be printed and exported to Excel. In the project status report, a target/actual comparison and a traffic light status are implemented. This makes it possible to see at a glance how many hours can still be booked on the project. And thanks to the integrated project lists, the project management always keeps an overview, even in multi-project management.

Order entry

Key functions

  • Creation of sales orders
  • Billing relevant data
  • Assignment of order to customer
  • Differentiation of billable time / real time


  • Clerks need a TimePunch Management license.

All data relevant for order entry can be stored in TimePunch for the respective project. This includes the order number, the order type and also hourly rates for the project and/or the employees as well as the revenue account or cost center used.

It is also possible to link the order directly to a customer. Thus, with the appropriate authorization, project and order related invoices can be created. These then serve as an attachment to the actual invoice and as a control for the customer.

The real working time booked by employees can also differ from the billable time. The billable time can contain a rounding logic, e.g. to bill the customer for time blocks of 15 minutes.

Feature overview

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Project Management
Create Projects and Account Assignment Points Allows the creation of projects and account assignment points for working time booking.
Assigning customer data Allows to assign one customer per project. This simplifies the booking, since customer data do not have to be selected manually, but are preselected.
Archiving project documentation Allows the entire project documentation to be archived in TimePunch. Thus TimePunch serves not only for time tracking, but also as a CMS for the project.
Create bookable activities Allows to store project specific and general activities, which are then available in every project. This facilitates documentation and project costing by the project management.
Roles and rights for project management The Project Manager role allows users to manage and evaluate their own projects.
Access rights for project members The combination of the roles and rights system of TimePunch with the access rights in the project allows to set the actual rights very individually.
Definition of own fields allows to define and evaluate own, individual input fields in the project.
Project evaluation -and reports
Hour quota per project and employee Allows to define an hour quota per project and per employee. This avoids that projects are overbooked as a whole or only by single employees.
Project reports for the evaluation of project hours Hour reports can be printed out per project and used as an attachment when invoicing.
Project status with target/actual comparison A target/actual comparison is implemented in the project status report. This immediately shows how many hours can still be booked by the team members.
Project lists for a quick overview The project lists are especially interesting for project managers who have to control many projects centrally. Thanks to the integrated traffic light status and the target/actual comparison, project managers can keep track of their projects.
Order registration
Creation of customer orders Enables the creation of orders with all necessary order data, e.g. order no. and order type
Settlement-relevant data For each order and employee, hourly rates and other settlement-relevant data, such as VAT and revenue accounts, can be stored
Assignment of order to customer An order can be linked to a customer. This makes it possible to create project and order related invoices from the time recording.
Distinction of Billable Time / Real Time The time billed to customers can contain rounding logic. I.e. the billable time can differ from the booked working time.